Benefits to our clients: Provides a description, compilation, and detailed evaluation of the costs and benefits of a new product or technology to the health care system (payors), providers (physicians), society and/or consumers (patients) in comparison to accepted “gold standard” treatments to demonstrate compelling added value propositions.

Deliverables include:

  • Therapeutic area landscape that profiles the opportunity (e.g., epidemiology and disease cost burden)
  • Return-on-investment (ROI) analyses
  • Health economic piggy-back studies (e.g., cost-minimization, cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, or cost-consequence studies)
  • Budget impact modeling (e.g., Markov models, decision trees, and other forms of predictive modeling)
  • Competitive advantage delineation (e.g., the most compelling value propositions)
  • Recommendations for short-term and long-term action steps for optimal commercialization