This website provides general information about Advance Health Solutions, LLC and its services. This site is intended for informational purposes only. Information on this site will be changed from time to time, and is provided "AS IS", without warranty of any kind to website visitors.

Our firm is very sensitive to privacy matters. Given that we respect your right to privacy, we feel it is important for you to know how we handle the information we receive from you via the Internet. In general, by visiting www.advancehealthsolutions.com, you are not required to reveal any personal information about yourself. If you choose to provide Advance Health Solutions with personal information, it may be necessary for us to provide your information to our affiliated colleagues in-house in order to respond to your inquiry.

Guiding Policies On Client Information Practices. Advance Health Solutions is a health care consulting firm that offers responsive, strategic and innovative solutions to help our clients meet their business objectives of positively impacting health outcomes while achieving impressive financial results. Ultimately, our firm partners with a wide mix of health-focused organizations to improve health care treatment, delivery and financing. In our day-to-day operations, we often possess personal information that identifies individuals and other proprietary information about our clients’ operations. Preservation of, and respect for, our clients’ trust is critical to our firm’s continued success. Therefore, we will always treat such information: (a) with complete confidentially, according to applicable laws, (b) appropriately, according to the promises we make to our clients, and (c) respectfully, according to our concern for the sensitive nature of such information.

Policies on Information Security and Processing. We maintain appropriate physical, electronic and administrative security standards and procedures to safeguard our data and related systems. Our firm’s employees and contractors are educated on the importance of our privacy and security policies and are required to comply with them. Access and use of data specific to personal and proprietary information are only permitted if an employee or a contractor needs such access to perform his/her essential job duties.

We try to use only the amount of personal and proprietary information necessary for research, evaluation, analytical, or derivative product development purposes that are consistent with our: (a) our core business, (b) contractual and legal obligations to clients, data controllers and individuals from whom we receive such information, and (c) applicable law.

Our firm operates using the following procedures to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of information while in our possession: (1) if we receive personal information from clients or other data controllers, we rely on their obligations to provide individuals with any required notice and consent for the intended purpose or we obtain additional consent/authorization, as necessary. We process personal information obtained from clinical research trials in accordance with the individual's informed consent (or assent, when applicable), national laws and international guidelines governing human subjects protection. Research using personal information is approved by at least one institutional review board (IRB), ethics committee or privacy board where and as required by law; and (2) if we collect personal information directly from individuals (e.g., persons interested in participating in a clinical research trial, an evaluation project, or becoming a clinical investigator) on behalf of a client, we will provide such individuals with: (a) a notice about the intended use and disclosure of personal information, (b) a choice before using or disclosing their information for any other purpose, and (c) the opportunity to access and correct their information where required by law.

Policy On De-Identified Data. We remove, encode or encrypt individual identifiers from personal information to the fullest extent possible consistent with its intended use. In some cases, we receive personal information from clients and data controllers for the purpose of de-identifying it on their behalf. In these events, anonymity of such data is created through the use of various statistical techniques to create aggregated norms or benchmarks, such as hospital performance measures or regional benchmark insurance charges.

Information Disclosure. Often, our firm partners with health plans and health care providers to help them inform patients about treatment options such as clinical trials. We also may partner with organizations to help them provide information on health-related products and services of potential interest to their consumers. We will not use personal information for such purposes unless: (1) the activity is permitted by law, (2) the activity promotes health and well-being, and (3) consumers are given the opportunity to voluntarily decline or accept participation in the program. In addition, our firm will not distribute information or solicitations to consumers enrolled in government health care programs for purposes other than assisting a client in carrying out treatment, payment or health care operations, unless approved in advance by the sponsoring government agency and requested by the individual without any solicitation on the part of Advance Health Solutions.

We will not solicit or provide information to consumers based on their status with or at risk for mental health, substance abuse, or HIV/AIDS, unless we are acting on behalf of a client who has obtained appropriate consent/authorization as required by law or is otherwise legally authorized to make such contact, or when approved by an institutional review board or privacy board for research purposes in accordance with applicable law.

We will not disclose personal or proprietary information, which we obtain in the course of providing products and services to our business partners, to any third party except: (1) as required by law, or (2) consistent with applicable law and our obligations to the client, data controller and/or individual from whom we received the information, as follows: (a) we may disclose personal information to a service provider to perform a specific service on our behalf, but only when consistent with this policy and subject to a contract that (i) prohibits them from using the information for any other purpose, (ii) requires them to conform to our privacy and security obligations, and (iii) allows for an audit of their compliance; and (b) we will not share information between our clients, except as directed by our clients or as part of de-identified aggregated norms. At the direction of a client, we will disclose the client's information to its other service providers, from its service providers back to the client, or to other entities participating with the client in an organized health care arrangement.

We disclose personal information about clinical investigators and encoded patient data from clinical research trials to the study sponsor in accordance with the individual's consent or contract. Personal or proprietary information may be included in assets transferred as part of a business merger or sale.

Website Privacy. We do not identify visitors to our World Wide Web site unless they choose to identify themselves, through actions such as emailing communications to us. Our website may deposit a small file called a "cookie" on a visitor's computer hard drive while a visitor accesses our website. We use cookies to store visitor preferences, to record user-specific information on what pages are accessed, and to track aggregate site visitation statistics to our website in order to help our firm provide better service when visitors return to our website. Visitors may choose to use technologies to block such "cookies," but in some cases, this blockage may limit their experience to fully access all functionality of our website. We may record a website visitor's Internet Protocol (IP) address for security reasons and to evaluate usage of our website. However, we do not use IP addresses to identify individuals. Any content submitted to our firm through our website will be routed through the Internet and you understand and acknowledge that you have no expectation of privacy with regard to any content you submit.